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About Us

Froliage - About Us

The naturally inspired brand for those desiring healthy hair, mind and body. Representing all ethnicities, we celebrate diversity through high quality and value, transcending great products and services.

How We Got Started

Froliage was born out of a need for representation of black and ethnic hair types in the beauty supply space. Up until I became pregnant with my daughter, I always wore my hair in relaxed styles. This meant that every 4-6 weeks I would bombard my hair and scalp with an assortment of harmful and smelly chemicals to achieve a silky hairstyle. This had been the ritual from childhood, spanning over 20 years. Why would anyone put their hair through such abuse? Well, as it turns out, American culture touts straight and silky hairstyles as the standard of beauty. Straight and silky styles represent a polished, professional appearance. 


While many other cultures are born with this type of hair, black women must chemically alter the very DNA of their strands to achieve this look. Failure to do so has historically meant that black women were denied opportunities and described as unprofessional and unkempt. Not only that, but with the impending birth of my daughter, I began to think more deeply about the implications of relaxing my hair, and the potential effects it would have on my baby girl.


As her mother, I would be her first example, her role model, and the most beautiful woman in the world. My daughter would be born fearfully and wonderfully made… no alterations needed. Would she wonder, then, why my hair lay flat, swinging when I walk, while her hair dared to defy gravity? Would she be proud of her hair or desire it to be something other than the glorious crown it is? Did I want to subject her virgin hair and scalp to the cocktail of harsh chemicals necessary to “tame” her hair, and did it really need to be “tamed” in the first place? My answer was absolutely not.


I, as any caring mother would, wanted my daughter to be confident and proud of who she is naturally. I wanted her to know that she was made perfect, that even her imperfections were perfect, and that no alterations were needed. I wanted her to love herself. Therefore, as her first example, I led by example. I did the “Big Chop” while I was still pregnant, chopping all of my chemically straightened strands down to a short afro. 


For the first time I could remember, I saw myself in raw form. I had no idea what kind of hair texture or textures I had, or what to do with my hair. My entire routine was upended. Products that had worked great for my relaxed hair only dried out my natural hair. I remember taking trip after trip to the beauty supply store, asking for advice and product recommendations from people who did not have hair like mine, and were just as clueless as I was. Their goal was simple. Sell products. They did not care about whether I had success with a product… Whether my hair would retain moisture or length. 


One day as I was trying to style my hair, I looked around at all the half-full bottles and jars of products that covered my countertop and filled my cabinet and linen closet, and thought to myself “I will open the first beauty supply retail chain that caters to people with hair like mine.”


From that day to this one, I have dedicated myself to learning all I can about black hair: the types, textures, products, techniques, etc. that are involved in successfully caring for the hair that defies gravity.