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Waterproof 7-in-1 Electric Facial Cleaning Tool

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- Color: rose red,
- Material: durable hard plastic.
- With 7pcs functional waterproof massaging heads for replacement to meet your different needs:
1. Crude polish accessory
2. Latex soft sponge: To massage eye and cheek.
3. Make-up sponge: To massage and clean your skin.
4. Rolling massager: To make better blood circumstances from skin aging.
5. Short soft brush
6. Long ultra-fine brush: To better clear up and exfoliate skin.
7. Pumice applicator: For filling & smoothing rough callous skin.
- In only a few minutes, you can have a more healthy, elastic and shiny skin.
- Massage and application of cream to better penetrate the skin and keep it nourished and hydrated.
- It is operated by 2 x AA batteries (not included), and has 2 rotation speeds (high /low speed).
- Streamlined design and compact size, ideal for home and travel use.

Packing list

1 * Crude Polish Accessory
1 * Latex Soft Sponge
1 * Make-up Sponge
1 * Rolling Massager
1 * Short Soft Brush
1 * Long Ultra-fine Brush
1 * Pumice Applicator
1 * User Manual (English & German & French & Spansih & Italian)